Creative Economics:Ideas and iDEALS generating wealth


07h00 − 08h15


08h30 − 12h30

Full conference session: Creative Economics

Business and professional development opportunities resulting from our pursuit of social and environmental sustainability and use of renewable energies and clean technologies are unlimited. Collaborative consumption is a strong business-impacting trend. The ongoing innovation in these new types of business has been guaranteed by investment funds and investors seeking social, educational, economic, and environmental conservation solutions (such as urban mobility) and making products, services and processes adjust to the new reality.

Moderator: ANA CARLA FONSECA REIS (BRAZIL): managing member of Garimpo de Soluções − economics, culture & development.

Lecture: "Green Econom" - MARC WEISS (USA): Chairman and CEO of Global Urban Development.

Lecture: "Creativity building the Future" - GERD LEONHARD (SWISS) − a think-tank leader and an influential figure when it comes to the media, content, technology, marketing and communications.

Lecture: "How Collaborative Consumption has been influencing the manufacturing industry" - LAUREN ANDERSON (AUSTRALIA): Collaborative Lab. Innovation Director

CASE: Center for Entrepreneurship and Creative Economics Technologies (PORTOMEDIA) at Porto Digital − FRANCISCO SABOYA (BRAZIL) : CEO of Porto Digital, a technology complex located in Recife-PE.


12h30 - 13h30

Lunch break


Official Opening

13h30 − 18h30

Full conference session: Creating Ideal Ideas

An idea is a network. Most contemporary innovations have resulted from collective actions that were not motivated by the market, were not created to meet client demands. The panel presents different outlooks for the emergence of radical innovations and the influence of connectivity on culture and manufacturing production.

Moderador: PAULO MOL (BRAZIL):Master in Economics by the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Public policy and government management specialist, worked as economic adviser to the Ministry of Finance in Brazil between 1998 and 2004, when he moved to the National Confederation of Industry (NCI).

Lecture: "Where good ideas come from" - STEVEN JOHNSON (USA): Professor at the New York University and columnist for "The New York Times". Author of the best seller "Where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation"

Lecture: "Creating, Collaborating, and connecting" - VALERIE FOX (CANADA): Executive director of the Digital Media Zone (DMZ). Former Creative Director for the Official Sydney Olympics website.

CASE: BOO-BOX −BRASILIAN COMPANY THAT IS AMONG THE 50 MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES ACCORDING TO FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE. - MARCO GOMES (BRAZIL): Founder of Boo-box, the first Brazilian advertising and social media technology company and which is accessed by 80 million people every month.